B.M.S. Automation

BMS for Mall

Our solutions provides:

  • Easy Management.
  • Rooms Access Control.
  • Electricity Monitor & Control.
  • Comprehensive Alarm System.
  • Generates Electricity Bills on Monthly Basis.
  • Outputs can be activated based on predefined timing schedule.

Fire Fighting System

Our solutions provides:

Site overview monitoring:

it’s Provide the status of all fire zones in the Establishment.
When fire occurs a flashing frame will be displayed around the fire zone and the alarm status carried over.

Pump station monitoring & control:

When the fire accurse: the system will start-up all necessary pumps to extinction fire … and this platform will display pump status and reports any pump failure. Also it allows the user to control the station manually if the control mode was manual mode.

Faults and Fire Reports:

All possible equipments faults and fire incidents will be logged in Database file .

The user will be able to review and print all events of establishment and sorting them according to type or date & time.

DELTA Products for BMS Automation