Timer / Counter / Tachometer

CTA Timer/Counter/Tachometer is able to receive external input signals and calculate the times of events, frequency and driving speed. CTA can be applied to batch counting, total counting, length measurement, position control, accurate timing, rotation speed and so on.

Main Features

Delta CTA series is the 3-in-1 timer, counter and tachometer with the following features: Can be a timer, counter, or tachometer and can operate in timer + counter mixed mode.

  • Offers voltage input (PNP) or non-voltage input (NPN).
  • The Pre-Scale function allows the input pulses to be displayed in their actual units.
  • Counting speeds available: 1/30/200/1K/5K/10K cps. Maximum: 10K cps.
  • The counting can be conducted in millisecond, second, minute, minute/second & hour/minute/second.
  • Output 1 contains relay output and transistor output. The two types of outputs can be enabled concurrently.
  • Offers total counting and batch counting.
  • “Reset” and “Lock” keys for more convenient use.
  • Offers 6-digit double-line LCD display.
  • Offers easy DIP switch setup.
  • Decimal point setup available.
Product Outline
CTA Series