DELTA Products Portfolio


Variable Frequency Drives

Advanced Control Methods: Vector / FOC / TQC for IM & PM motors.


AC Servo Drives & Motors, CNC Controllers.

Motion Profiles | Full Closed loop | Capture & Compare | E-CAM.


PLC, HMI, Networking.

RTUs | Temperature Control | Timers & Counters | Power Supplies.

DELTA provides complete set of intelligent, power-saving, and cost effective products that can be easily integrated to build robust & efficient smart control systems. With the wide range of products, Their will be a lot of options for OEM or system integrator to meet the requirements of any given application. Due to the powerful integration features between the products, The connections & wiring overhead during installation will be minimized. During the commissioning phase, The system integrator can use free-of-charge DELTA software packages which includes all needed diagnosis tools to make editing & troubleshooting more fast and easy process.

Drive Products