CNC Machine Tool Solutions

Delta’s CNC Solution features high-speed, high precision and superior surface finishing that enhances the speed, quality, stability of CNC machine tools. It is particularly suitable for high-speed tapping, engraving and milling processes, mold machine manufacturing, component processing and manufacturing, and many other industries.

Main Features:

  • Built-in 32-bit high speed and high processing dual CPU for multi-tasking operation for enhanced performance.
  • High-speed communication servo drives and high performance, high resolution servo motors provide fully digital data transmission and improved noise immunity capabilities.
  • High speed and high precision motion control with the aid of Delta’s DMCNET high speed motion control system.
  • Multi-block look-ahead of acceleration/deceleration before interpolation for complete contouring control balances speed and precision to improve processing efficiency and ensure machining productivity.
  • A user-friendly Human Machine Interface for direct auto-gain tuning adjustment and parameter back-up of servo system.
  • Data synchronous management between a PC and an NC via Ethernet communication network.
  • CNC Soft software allows users to build custom screens for user-defined operation.
  • Serial I/O module for flexible system configuration and extension.
  • USB interface for easy data access, convenient data backup and parameter copies for fast installation.
  • Delta’s ECMC series servo motors for feed axes are equipped with high-resolution 20-bit motor encoder and up to 1 kHz speed response frequency.
  • Delta’s 3-axis synchronous ASDA-M servo system offers excellent multi-axis motion control with only one CPU and advanced synchronous gantry control.
  • PN power sharing of multiple axes for energy saving.
  • Built-in fine interpolation commands, friction compensation, and full-closed loop control functions.
  • For high-speed CNC tapping machinery, Delta’s ECMS series high-speed permanent magnet spindle motor features a rated speed of 6000 r/min and maximum speed of 12000 r/min.
  • Connecting to energy-saving C-Box for power storage absorbs brake energy regeneration and reduces electricity usage by more than 50%.


  • Machining Centers.
  • Gantry Milling Machines.
  • High-speed Tapping Machines.
  • Engraving and Milling Machines.

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