Delta High-Speed Motion Control System

DMCNET is a high speed and real time communication system, capable of controlling up to 12 servo system units within 1ms simultaneously. It can accept double precision floating point values 64-bits wide and provide up to 1,280,000 pulse/rev resolution so the servo system can make accurate calculations and provide operation flexibility.

35 homing modes are provided. 12 servo system units or 4 groups, 3-axis helical and linear interpolation or 6 groups, 2-axis linear and arc interpolation can be implemented synchronously. It also supports absolute commands, incremental commands and T-curve / S-curve velocity profiles, built-in position, speed and torque control modes for different uses. Simply by connecting to servo motors, linear motors, digital inputs and outputs (DI/DO), analog inputs and outputs (AI/AO) and other control devices such as stepping motors and manual pulse generator (MPG), enabling fast and cost-effective communication and control is easy.

DMCNET is the best integrated platform for multi-axis and synchronous motion control in a wide range of machine tools and industrial applications. It is also the ultimate solution that provides effortless wiring, enhanced stability, flexible extension ability and versatile operation for industry upgrading and adding value to the products.

DMCNET Features

  • High Integrated Capability.

With DMCNET networking structure, mutiple control devices such as servo motors, remote digital & analog modules, stepping motors, elevator door control motors (VFD-DD series), and linear motors can be easily and quickly connected.

  • Synchronous Control.

Simultaneous 3-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis arc interpolation, 3-axis helical interpolation, and continuous interpolation can be implemented.

  • Supports Capture & Compare Functions.

The Capture & Compare functions can be applied to latch and detect a regrence position which can be signals from the main encoder, linear encoder, or pulse train. It is possible to record 800 items with the maximum length of the data array.

Product Outline



Delta Motion Control Card

Extension Modules

Station Extension Modules Remote Extension Modules Pulse Output Module

GA Series (Main Station) + GE Series(Extension Modules)

RM Series

RM-04PI Series

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