Through out the past 15 years, We have been developing industrial solutions for wide range of applications. Our development depends not only on the available market software solutions, but it goes beyond that toward developing our own software solutions starting from the scratch, and ending with the exact vision of our customers, That is no limitations can bound us!


We pay a lot of attention to enhance the quality of our sales services by providing the technical advice along with the selling process to make sure that the customer will get the optimized solution for his application case, and delivering after-sales services that allow easy instillation & utilization.

Our huge stock in Syria will minimize the delivery time down to “Ready” state.

Support / Training

Since we believe that the support is essential concern to any customer, we deliver unique support services that walk with our customer step by step to find out the trouble, and deliver the problem solution.

We provide repair service for Delta products either by sending you spare parts, or you may send us the damaged product, so we can check and fix it. In addition, Delta products has warranty for 1.5 year against manufacturing defects.

Also, we could provide specific / comprehensive training according to the customer needs in order to make him able to develop his own solutions.