Our Solutions

B.M.S Solutions:

We have implemented several BMS projects such as Hotel, Mall, and fire fighting system for petroleum facility.

Our solutions helped management teams to monitor and control a lot of facility aspects down to the small details, like automatic electricity billing, electricity control, rooms access control, Comprehensive Alarm System… etc.

Process Solutions:

The process automation involves the coordination between several stages in order to convert the raw materials into the final product. Each stage may include many machines to complete the required stage process.

For that, process automation requires the control & display of large data volumes. Our SCADA solutions provides the easy representation of processing status in clear form by supporting graphics animation…

Factory Solutions:

We have developed a solid base of industrial automation knowledge over the past 15 years.

Our projects in this field include: Food industry, Metal formation, Textile industry, Medical Industry, Packing industry, Plastic industry, Paper industry, Polysterien (foam) sheets production, Elevators control panels, Generator auto start-up system, Weigh-bridge management software, Laboratories experimental panels… etc.


Our custom designed SCADA system provides:

  • Supervision

    Outstanding 3D/2D graphics interface that perfectly match facility structure and process workflow.

  • Control

    Comprehensive windows-based control elements which facilitate the control of any complex app.

  • Data Acquisition

    Fast and reliable SQL Database for collecting process data.

The Main Features are:

Custom Designed Solution

Since we build our SCADA solutions starting from scratch (C++ / Delphi / VB.NET), there is virtually no limits to what we can do.

No matter how your application case is complicated, we can provide a solution that is tailored to your exact needs.

Rich Interface Experience

Our interface design is operator oriented. That’s means we aim to build the most simple & intuitive interface.

We provide rich interface experience with our 3D / 2D graphics that match the devices in the facility, and animation is used to display process workflow clearly.

Optimized Performance

Communication routines are isolated from the application graphics routines, which ensures high speed & stable interface.

Communication processing is very optimized since it targets directly the desired PLC memory areas without the need to access predefined tags within Database.

Flexible Integration

Our SCADA system can be designed to communicate with 3rd party devices such as Security Cards reader, GSM modem, Fingerprint scanner… etc.

Also it can communicate with other 3rd party software using import/export excel files, TCP/IP communication… etc.

Future-Proof Investment:

Aligned with country e-government orientation due to flexible data exchange options.

Also, The Additional Features are:

User Accounts

Ability to create user accounts which corresponds with different access levels.

This will protect sensitive data, special settings, and critical control commands from being accessed by unauthorized personal.

User Tracking

All user actions of loading/uploading data, alarms acknowledgement, saving settings, and control commands will be logged into database with date & time stamp.

This will help administration with tracking incidents responsibility and prevents personal denial.

Alarms & Reports
  • All process Notifications, Alarms and Errors are logged into database with date and time stamp. Features such as sort, filter, and print are supported.
  • Generating custom designed reports according to the customer request.
  • Ability to send SMS notification & e-mails when specific process events are occurred.
Multiple Comm. Options

We provide you with multiple communication topologies according to your application case.

  • For small / medium scale projects, two wires RS-485 interface can be used. Up to 1Km @ 115,200 Kbps.
  • For large scale projects, or large data volumes, Ethernet I/F can be used. Up to 2/5/30 Km (according to the fiber-optic cable type) at 100 Mbps.
  • Also, Wireless Ethernet can be utilized for moving parts app. & flexible expansion using wireless access points.