IWS  -  Powerful Graphics Tools

Graphics and Design Tools

Create screens to meet any application requirement using the tools in our graphic interface. Combine built-in objects to create any functionality required. Store graphics in the library for future use, and easily make projects across a product line share a consistent “look and feel”.


IWS gives you great command over graphics in a user friendly and intuitive interface. Paste images, and even rotate them dynamically using custom rotation points. Fill bar graphs with color, or adjust the scale of objects with easy-to-use configuration. Other animations include ‘command’ (for touch, keyboard and mouse interaction), hyperlink, text data link, color, resize, transparency, and position.

Multi-touch Interface

 Develop applications for devices that feature touch screens. InduSoft Web Studio’s multitouch interface allows development for any touch-screen enabled device. Use familiar gestures, like pinch zooming and panning. Scroll through alarms using swiping gestures; inertia in the multi-touch interface offers a comfortable user experience. Rotate graphics, dock screens, and take advantage of features like dual-touch command.


Develop your application in one of many development languages, including English, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, and Spanish, or use translation tools to switch the runtime to any language. InduSoft Web Studio v7.1 offers automatic font replacement based on the language selected.