IWS  -  Design time Features

High Scalability

Develop once and deploy where you need it. Take an application created for Windows CE and deploy it on any supported Microsoft operating system, including Embedded, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Server 2012 editions.


Quickly debug and verify a project using local and remote tools for troubleshooting, including status fields, DatabaseSpy and LogWin. Capture screen open and close times, see communications in real-time, messages related to OPC, recipes/reports, security, database errors and even custom messages. Finish your project quickly using these powerful tools.


InduSoft Collaborative Solution and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management): Compare any configuration file or merge changes from multiple developers. The collaborative solution offers support for versioning and source control, and interaction through Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server*, allowing Application Lifecycle Management on location or on the cloud.

Import Wizards

InduSoft Web Studio import wizards allow you to convert whole applications from PanelMate™ from Eaton, or PanelBuilder™ from Rockwell Automation. It’s possible to save considerable time in conversion from a previously designed application to an InduSoft Web Studio application.

Business Intelligence

Transform raw data into meaningful information. Design custom dashboards in minutes with the InduSoft Web Studio Business Intelligence Dashboard Template.

Intellectual Property Protection

Screens, documents, scripts and worksheets can be individually password protected. This prevents unauthorized viewing or editing of your project or application. Protect your intellectual property with just a few mouse clicks.